Want to try queueless & cashless
shopping at your retail store ?

We will get you up and running
with the ease of plug & play.

Retailer can

Create Account

Register your accont on our dashboard.

Choose Plan

Choose a plan based on skus & stores.

Upload Catalogue

Upload your products to your account.

Go Live

Map all the retail store locations and go live.

Retailer Can

Consumer Can

Create Account

Register account on OmniX Hype mobile app.

Choose Retailer

Choose a retail store from a map view.

Complete Shopping

Checkin to store, scan products and exit store.

Pay Monthly

Pay one monthly bill for all your shopping.

A retailers weapon to battle and win the Amazon era.

We exist to help retailers bring queueless and cashless shopping to their stores with the ease of plug & play.

Consumer Layer

  • Users
  • Accounts

App Layer

  • OmniX Hype

Service Layer

  • Find Store
  • Search Products

  • Scan Products
  • Pay Monthly

Core Value Propositions

Consumer Centricity
An omni-channel ecosystem of apps tailored for shopping needs.
Channel Agnostic
Single window experience for online or offline shopping.
Experience Driven
One account for shopping anywhere online & offline.
Extreme Convenience
Payments made postpaid first ever in the history of retail.
Strong Personalisation
In-store shopping experience through mobile technologies.