Is the future of shopping experience online or offline ?

Future is Omnichannel and that needs a strong
API Infrastructure

APIs For

No checkout queues

Checkin to store, scan products and exit.

On-demand delivery

Book a delivery or click and collect model.

In-store Navigation

Search products in-store & navigate to products.

Data Insights

Shopping analytics for business decisions.

APIs For

APIs For


Customise the shopping experience based on behaviour analytics.

Subscribe products

Subscribe to each product on daily, weekly or monthly plan.

Loyalty rewards

Earn customised discounts and offers for longer subscription.

Monthly billing

Pay one monthly bill for subscribing to products from multiple vendors.

A Twilio like API platform for omnichannel advanced shopping experiences.

Our vision is to build a standardised protocol using which an application used by a consumer (human or a machine) having one single digital account can trigger an action on a decentralised operational infrastructure on a pay as you go model to interact with a real world product irrespective of access channels, e-com or retail.

Identity Layer

  • Consumers
  • Accounts

API Layer

  • Hype ReOrder
  • Hype OneBill

Service Layer

  • Search
  • Chats
  • Offers
  • Navigation
  • Subscriptions
  • Discounts
  • Notifications
  • Payments

Core Value Propositions

Consumer Centricity
An omni-channel ecosystem of apps tailored for shopping needs.
Channel Agnostic
Single window experience for online or offline shopping.
Experience Driven
One account for shopping anywhere online & offline.
Extreme Convenience
Strong foundation for e-subscription model for repeated purchases.
Strong Personalisation
In-store shopping experience through mobile technologies.